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For Pools that Outlive their Purpose, That is why you need  Robson Services.

Our Service for in ground Pool Removal is a complete package including:

  • Free telephone discussion

  • Free inspection and evaluation - if required

  • Free planning and estimating

  • Free written quote and explanation

  • Detailed contract with fixed prices - Fixed starting date

  • Notification to city to town

  • Permits and applications completed and submitted

  • Fences and shrubs removed and either replaced or disposed of

  • Utilities disconnected

  • Pool pumped out

  • Removal from site of all pool equipment: metal, wood and plastic

  • All concrete broken to small pieces and placed in pool hole if allowed, or hauled away if required.

  • Inspection by local building department If Required

  • Pool hole filled with contaminate free material (No waste or soil from commercial sites)

Contact Us

Robson Services Inc.
21852 16th Avenue Langley BC, Canada,
V2Z 1K5
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Tel: 604-288-8478

Paul Robson
Tel: 778-878-7000

Office Manager
Claudia Lingkost

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Pool Removal - Fill In Services
Serving Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Langley and The Lower Mainland of B.C. Are you thinking of Removing Your Pool?


Lets face the fact that owning a swimming pool comes with a price: Maintenance repairs, high electric or gas bills, high insurance premiums and the constant worry of an accidental drowning, If you are feeling like many of our other customers, that their pool has out lived its purpose or that its hindering the sale of their home, You may not be aware that swimming pool removal is very common in fact also very inexpensive averaging between ($8,000.-$20,000.) 


We get several calls a week and hundreds of pools are removed and filled in yearly in the Vancouver area. If you would like to know more about reducing your liability and increasing the sales ability of you home please contact George Robson 604-613-1907 or email we will help you to make an informed decision regarding your pool removal and fill in.

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